VegfestUK Scotland 2016: Living well and planning for your future

Posted by Kim on 25/11/16 in VfL News and Events

Have you ever wondered whether your investments are ethical? Do you worry about what you might end up eating if you get dementia? No doubt you would like to age well. And what might happen to your estate – or indeed your body – when you have gone?

It’s never too soon to think about these things, so come along to the Mature Zone at VegfestUK Scotland to get some answers.

On Saturday at 2pm, Shona Barr’s presentation will consider the main areas of ethical investment. Shona will illustrate how ethical strategies can be applied in practice, as well as discussing pension legislative changes.

If you’re interested in ‘optimal ageing’, Linda Anderson’s talk (Saturday at 1pm) will discuss how the passage of time forces us to rethink, regroup, and reaffirm our place in life. Come and hear how optimal ageing may be the key to negotiating your way through those transitional stages.

At 2.20pm on Saturday, Alec Cameron will speak about the importance of estate planning and the protection of your assets. He will highlight the consequences of doing nothing and indeed almost two-thirds of us have not addressed this issue. Alec will also explain how simple and effective it can be to create a strategy to take account of your wishes.

Barbara Chalmers’ talk (3pm on Saturday) is sure to fascinate. Barbara will examine life and death decisions and demonstrate the surprisingly wide range of natural funeral options that are available.

If you’re tired of awkward questions, Kim Stringer’s talk (Sunday at 12pm) will empower you to talk about veganism positively to family and friends. Kim will explore ways that you can help the entire vegan community, including those who are more vulnerable.

Last but not least, Anne McWhinnie’s talk (Sunday at 1pm) will explore facts and perceptions around dementia, and will explain how you can protect your future veganism, today.

The Mature Zone will be at VegfestUK Scotland at SECC Glasgow on 3 and 4 December 2016. See Floor Plan here. Proudly curated and hosted by VfL, the Mature Zone is the go-to-place for all aspects of veganism in later life.


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