Cakes and Puddings

Here is just a small selection of recipes, as many of the recipes for cakes and puddings in mainstream cook books are vegetarian, so they are very easy to source. Some are also vegan or can easily be made vegan by appropriate ingredient substitution.

  • Tofu Choc Puds

    Serves: 6
    Time to prepare: 10 mins
    Dietary requirements: Dairy-free, Egg-free, Vegan
  • Welsh Cakes

    Serves: Makes 10–12
    Time to prepare: 15 mins
    Time to cook: 20 mins
    Dietary requirements:
    By tradition, these teatime treats are cooked on a griddle over an open fire, but a heavy frying pan will do the job. Serve them warm with a dab of butter and a sprinkle of sugar.
  • Bara Brith

    Serves: Makes 1 loaf
    Time to prepare: 8 hr 10 mins
    Time to cook: 1 hr 45 mins
    Dietary requirements:
    Bara Brith translates to ‘speckled bread’: it’s a rich fruit tea loaf that’s popular all over Wales. Serve it sliced and buttered.
  • Hazelnut Shorties

    Serves: Makes about 30
    Dietary requirements: Egg-free, Vegan (with substitutions)
    These biscuits also freeze okay but benefit from putting back in the oven afterwards to crisp up.
  • Aeblekage (Apple Charlotte)

    Serves: 4
    Time to prepare: 25 mins
    Time to cook: 15 mins
    Dietary requirements: Dairy-free, Egg-free, Vegan (with substitutions), Halal
    Try customising this traditional Danish dessert by adding some raisins, orange zest or chopped dates. This makes enough for up to four servings, so keep the apples and breadcrumbs in
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