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Save money when cooking

By making a few considered choices, you could shave over £150 off your electricity bills every year. Our new video shows how to make a few simple savings.  Meat and fish are usually the most expensive ingredients in a recipe. By eating vegetarian meals you will naturally cut down on your food...


Posted by Amanda on 30/10/13 in Cooking on a Budget

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September News

This month has been one of events. Amanda started off by attending Salford Royal Hospital’s Diet and Diversity event on 9 September, organised by the Hospital Trust’s Equality and Diversity Officer. A number of representative groups were invited to give presentations about their diets, including...


Posted by Tina on 15/10/13 in VfL News and Events

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Autumn News

Older People’s Day coincided with World Vegetarian Day on Monday (1 October). Find out more about VfL’s unique work to benefit older vegetarians and vegans in our autumn eNews:


Posted by Tina on 09/09/13 in VfL News and Events

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