Changing seasons and lasting memories!

Posted by Mike on 07/09/15 in Nutritional Advice

Vegetarian for Life highlights the benefits of seasonal food As summer gives way to autumn, this is an ideal moment for chefs to infuse their cooking with the flavours of the new season.
The benefits of using ingredients when they are in season have long been championed. The result is food that not only tastes great and is highly nutritious but also reflects our natural instincts. For example, a vibrant mixed salad and colourful rainbow frittata might seem just right during the summer but would not be so be so appealing on a cold and misty autumn day. Unfortunately, when older vegetarians and vegans are cared for by others they can be faced with meal choices that fail to connect with the seasons – frequently featuring dishes such as pasta bake or mushroom risotto, for example. The use of fresh seasonal produce is a great way to break the monotony and timelessness of set menus. There is the additional benefit that seasonal produce can stimulate the memories of older people and help them to recall and enjoy memories of past times, places and events. Just as strawberries can easily re-kindle memories of long childhood holidays where the sky was always blue so can warming vegetable casseroles quickly bring to mind family gatherings on crisp winter days. Mike Ashbridge of Vegetarian for Life challenges chefs to embrace seasonal produce and all its benefits, “For vegetarians and vegans, seasonal food is highly nutritious and can bring freshness to their diet. Seasonality can assist with mental alertness by bringing to mind past memories. There are so many benefits. Why not fully take up the opportunities offered by nature and offer everyone the option of a delicious seasonal vegetarian or vegan meal? Just as you don’t have to be an Indian to eat an Indian meal or an Italian to eat an Italian meal, you don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy a vegetarian meal!”
Vegetarian for Life has produced free guides on nutrition, catering for older vegetarians and vegans, and 4-week vegetarian and vegan menu planners. For more information about VfL’s charitable work and resources for older vegetarians and vegans visit or call 0161 2570887.


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