Charity releases ‘veggie meals to your door’ guide this Meals on Wheels Week

Posted by Katie on 06/11/19 in Articles, Life After Retirement, VfL News and Events

Delivered meals are a lifeline for those who are housebound or are unable to cook for health reasons.

To mark this year’s Meals on Wheels Week (4–8 November), charity Vegetarian for Life has created a comprehensive, easy-to-follow directory of those offering vegetarian and vegan meals as part of the crucial service.

An estimated 300,000 older people in the UK are vegetarian or vegan. While most of these are in glowing health and still cook for themselves, others may be more vulnerable. Vegetarian for Life’s 2019 survey suggests that around 7,000 older vegetarians and vegans live in care homes. Others rely on community meals services, such as ‘meals on wheels’, as a lifeline to living independently.

‘Veggie meals to your door’ is also packed with tips and ideas for those who want to cook but find it harder because of age or disability.

For example, Gill, a friend of Vegetarian for Life, said: “Since I've been ill I have found it very hard to deal with cooking our meals and managing around the house. I have always cooked from scratch, which usually involves quite a bit of washing up and clearing away. So I have been trying to find quicker, easier ways of doing things and cooking with fewer ingredients”.

The guide includes a range of tips from people like Gill, and top 10 kitchen gadgets to help people carry on cooking for themselves. Advice includes decluttering the kitchen so you have what you need to hand, placing the most frequently used items within easy reach, but also having some easy cook options such as ready-meals or pre-prepared meals in the freezer, or tinned soup in the cupboard.

Amanda Woodvine, chief executive at Vegetarian for Life, said: “We know how important it is for people to remain independent in their own homes, so we wanted to highlight many different options for people to continue to do that.

“Many older vegetarians and vegans find it difficult to source ready-prepared meals that meet their dietary requirements. So Vegetarian for Life has compiled a thorough and comprehensive guide to companies throughout the UK that can help.

 “A range of dishes, including main meals, sides, soups, smoothies and desserts can now be delivered straight to your door. These are often hand-prepared, with well-considered ingredients, and developed by experienced chefs. Dishes are available with inspiration from around the globe. Some are delivered as hot, ready-to-eat meals, while others may arrive chilled or frozen.

“Some of the dishes on offer are incredible, and it goes to show just how much things have progressed for those with dietary requirements such as vegan and gluten free in recent years.”

For a free copy of the guide, contact or call Vegetarian for Life on 0161 257 0887.


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