London Vegfest: Plenty to nourish your mind

Posted by Mike on 19/09/16 in VfL News and Events

The Mature Zone that we are running at VegfestUK London offers the perfect chance to take a break from those delicious food stands and nourish your
mind. In particular, Saturday afternoon features two extremely interesting and inspiring talks that will appeal to everyone looking for a cerebral challenge!

At 2pm on Saturday, David Pye, who is one of our Trustees, will be addressing the fascinating questions of where do we go when we die? Why did you choose to be born into this lifetime? Could past life experience have influenced you into becoming vegan?

David draws upon the research of Dr Helen Wambach, a clinical psychologist at JFK University, who took whole groups of people back through past incarnations. Incredibly this fascinating research on reincarnation is largely forgotten and her books are out of print.

This talk was standing room only at VegfestUK Brighton so make sure you come along early and prepare to be intrigued.

If your interest is in how best to organise your current life as a vegan, then cohousing might be up your street. Many vegans and veggies dream of cohousing schemes where they could live with people with shared common values. But few schemes come to fruition.

So we’re delighted to have Maria Brenton speaking at 3pm on Saturday about cohousing communities and how these can work as a different way of living in our modern society. Maria brings with her a wealth of experience and a renowned reputation as a public speaker. So if you want to move from being ‘a digger and a dreamer’ to being ‘a digger and a doer’ then don’t miss this talk at 3pm on Saturday!

The Mature Zone will be located on Level 1 of VegfestUK at Olympia London, taking place on 22/23 October 2016. See floor plan here.

Proudly curated and hosted by VfL, the Mature Zone is the go-to place for all aspects of veganism in later life.


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