Tickled your taste buds? Opened your mind? Now it’s time to relax and revitalise your body!

Posted by Guest on 15/10/16 in VfL News and Events

After a busy day at VegfestUK London, tasting delicious food and listening to fascinating talks, why not come along to the Mature Zone and give your body a treat?

At 5pm next Saturday we have Chantal Di Donato running a heart chakra yoga session in the Mature Zone. Chantal is not only a certified holistic health coach, but also a yoga teacher, author, founder of Live Lean Health and much more…

Chantal works with people who seek positive change, physically, spiritually and emotionally, and also with those who want to regain their health and feel their best ever! So come along and enjoy her heart chakra yoga session, during which she will focus on light back bends, spine flexibility and shoulder and chest openers.

If you’re going to be enjoying VegfestUK London on the Sunday, come along to the Mature Zone at 4pm and find out about Qigong (pronounced ‘chee kung’) from the wonderful Patrizia Gaio.

Qigong is a classic discipline from China and involves gentle and mindful movements, supported by breathing techniques, which help balance the body, calm the mind and restore vitality. What more could you want after a busy day at Vegfest?

And we are delighted to have Patrizia as our Qigong teacher. Patrizia qualified as a Qigong teacher in 2013 and has been successfully teaching Qigong classes since then. These classes are usually for a number of people, although she is always happy to do one-to-one sessions on a regular basis for people with specific health problems.

So there we have it: two exceptional end-of-day treats in the Mature Zone, which will make sure your Vegfest experience finishes on a relaxed and revitalised high!

The Mature Zone will be located on Level 1 of VegfestUK at Olympia London, taking place on 22/23 October 2016. See floor plan here. Proudly curated and hosted by VfL, the Mature Zone is the go-to place for all aspects of veganism in later life.


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