Woodchester Valley Village – mutually owned for the over 60s

Posted by Guest on 23/09/15 in Articles, Life After Retirement

Hilary Hills reports on a purpose-built retirement village in the Cotswolds that is very veggie-friendly...
I live in Woodchester Valley Village near Stroud, Gloucestershire, in a purpose built Cotswold retirement village. Although it is not officially vegetarian, we have an excellent chef who makes a lot of vegetarian dishes. 
And we all own our own dwellings. My husband and I have a beautiful south-facing detached house in a secret valley. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and built like a large Cotswold cottage.  A lovely three-course meal is delivered to our home from the kitchen here, daily, in a purpose-designed trolley to keep it warm. Everything except our own cutlery is washed up for us afterwards! We have been here for 11 years now and love it. Properties do become available, from time to time, because people sadly tend not to reach 100 years of age. But many (ourselves included) are over 80 or 90 and we are well-supported with gardeners, handymen, a village mini-bus, laundry, deliveries from the chemist (prescriptions!), a splendid hairdresser (very inexpensive) and cleaners. We are thought to be the only retirement home in the UK that runs for no profit – only for ourselves. This is known as a 'mutual village' – which many people choose for all of the above reasons. And also, many have family living in the area! I’m sure some vigorous, younger vegetarians would be very welcome and well-accommodated. Please click here for full contact details for Woodchester Valley Village.


Hilary Hills (Mrs.)
23 September, 2015

A reader asked if cats and other pets were allowed here. The answer is YES, provided they are not a nuisance in the village and all excrement is removed and not left lying around!

Jenny Thomas
02 October, 2016

Recently retired and very attracted to the idea of a mutually-owned retirement village, I have been looking at properties in Woodchester Valley Village. However, all the “celebratory” menus published on your Facebook page are noticeably carnivore-y so, as a committed vegetarian, I was most relieved to read your article! Thank you for your article—you have reassured me and you paint a very joyful picture of life in the Valley. I shall continue my investigations!

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