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Autumn 2019 edition of Vegetarian for Life’s electronic magazine.

eBites Autumn 2019

We recently spoke with Rose Elliot MBE, the cover star for this issue, who has penned over 50 vegetarian cookery books. Rose has shared some of her top tips and recipes (see page 6). She is also offering three lucky readers the chance to win one of her new cookery books. See below for your chance to win.

Last month, Vegetarian for Life held its annual Awards for Excellence in Vegetarian Care Catering at the Houses of Parliament. Read more about the inspirational winners from this lavish event on page 4.

We’ll return to Parliament next year, with the launch of an inquiry into respect for religious and philosophical beliefs while eating in care. If you have ever heard of a vegetarian or vegan with dementia being served meat while in care, please send us your evidence by 13 December. Find out more on page 8.

Primary Audience

This publication is aimed at older vegetarians and vegans and those who cater for them.