eBites Spring 2020

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Spring 2020 edition of Vegetarian for Life’s electronic magazine.

eBites Spring 2020

Home comforts are the order of the day, and we’re pleased to release our newest guide, Vegan Baking (see page 4). You might find it extra handy, given the intermittent food shortages that we’ve been experiencing! We do hope that it inspires you to get baking.

If you’re ready to take your plant-based catering to the next level, check out VfL’s new ‘Care catering for older vegetarians and vegans’ online training (page 3). Created by our team of chefs and nutritionists, the conveniently bite-sized training will help care establishments to take their plant-based catering to the next level – while maintaining that vital safe distance.

Staying social as we get older can sometimes be more challenging – and even more so in the current climate. We recently caught up with members of our veggie pen- and phone-pal
scheme. Find out more about their experiences on page 6.

If you do need any extra support during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Some of the ways in which we might be able to help are outlined on page 8.

Primary Audience

This publication is aimed at older vegetarians and vegans and those who cater for them.