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Spring 2019 edition of Vegetarian for Life’s electronic magazine.

eBites Summer 2019

We recently spoke to the cover star for this issue – a 63-year-old long-term vegan whose doctor told his parents he wouldn’t live past the age of 10 on a plant-based diet. He says he feels great, is thriving and that he proved the doctor wrong. Read more about this inspiring vegan on page 4.

The Memory Care Pledge is an ongoing VfL campaign to help ensure that older vegans and vegetarians are catered for ethically while in care, especially if there is a loss of capacity.
Karen Grant, whose vegetarian father was given meat in a care home, is backing the campaign. To read her story and more about the campaign, head to page 5.

We reveal the findings of our recent survey that has shown a huge rise of vegans in care homes across the UK in the past 5 years. (See page 3.)

Finally, we want to discover what the perfect meal-delivery service for older vegans and veggies would look like, and would really value your thoughts. Have your say by taking
the survey on page 3.

Primary Audience

This publication is aimed at older vegetarians and vegans and those who cater for them.