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Posted by Amanda on 20/08/15 in Community Notices

Margaret (known as Jivan to friends and family) – an energetic 58-year-old Irish woman – seeks work as a live-in carer for a vegetarian. She is available to work anywhere within the UK. A location with an easy commute to London or Glasgow, and with access to the countryside, would be desirable, but is by no means essential.

Jivan has had a varied career to date, from technical in the earlier days, moving through the arts, and becoming more and more involved in helping/care professions in recent years.

Says Jivan: "While living in Spain in the early 1990s I became vegetarian through a chance encounter with a vegetarian community. Spain is not the easiest country to be a vegetarian; however, I couldn't understand why I – as a person who had had difficulties eating meat for most of my life – had never considered becoming vegetarian before this. I have not looked back since. I have never missed meat and have never felt the need to look for substitutes of similar texture etc."

Jivan's interests and skills include counselling, the use of technology to facilitate home-based care, rambling, and allotmenteering.

She says: "In 2013 I took an allotment mainly with the idea of growing sunflowers. I was very lucky that summer because it was very hot and the sunflowers were amazing! Not surprisingly, I became interested in growing vegetables and fruit and have experimented with many over the last 2 years. I have learnt an awful lot as I had never really grown much before that other than a few herbs and flowers at home."

Should she be successful in securing a live-in carer position Jivan should like to continue walking in her free time.

For more information and a copy of Jivan's CV and covering letter, please contact Vegetarian for Life.



Posted by Amanda

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