About the VfL UK List

​The VfL – UK List is a geographical listing of our ‘veggie friendly’ members. It includes care homes, retirement complexes, food suppliers and other services that cater for older people and follow the VfL Code of Good Practice.

If you are looking for a care home, retirement scheme or other catering service for yourself or for a member of your family we hope you will find the VfL UK List an invaluable resource. We have veggie-friendly UK List Members in most parts of the United Kingdom. If you have contacts with any caterers who are not on the list you could help by encouraging them to become members.

If you cater for older people and have not yet joined the VfL – UK List we hope you’ll consider it now. Membership is free, and all you have to do is to follow the VfL Code of Good Practice, which ensures that you cater well for older vegetarians, and in an ethical way.

Remember: a lot of people want vegetarian food. And if they need a care home, a retirement community or catering service, they will be attracted to those on the VfL – UK List.

Catering for older vegetarians and vegans can be:

  • Good for ‘business’ (higher occupancy/user levels)
  • Good for improving ‘diversity’
  • Good for health
  • Good for the environment
  • Good for animal well-being.

That can’t be bad.

Would you like to join the UK – List?

​Apply online once you have read through the listing options below.

Listing options

Standard listing

If you comply with the basic vegetarian criteria in our best practice guide, fill in the form and you will be listed and receive a Membership Certificate to display. All list members are also mailed a couple of times a year with useful information such as Christmas, Easter and other recipes, and we also provide subsidised catering training to list members.

Vegan listing

On top of the requirements for the standard listing, if you agree to adhere to the guidelines for vegan provision in the code of good practice and you welcome vegan residents, then you can additionally be listed as a vegan facility.

Free range

On top of the requirements for the standard listing, if all the eggs you use are free range and, wherever possible, any ready-made products used contain free range eggs, then you can opt-in for this additional listing category.