Simon Lawrence, Head of Hospitality and Culinary at Avery Healthcare

Simon Lawrence, Head of Hospitality and Culinary at Avery Healthcare

Vegetarian for Life’s more recent members, Avery Healthcare, joined in October 2019.

Simon Lawrence said: “Avery Healthcare is proud to be a Premium member of the Vegetarian for Life UK List.

“The unlimited access to VfL’s ‘Care Catering for Older Vegetarians and Vegans’ training series that comes with Premium membership means that we can experiment with many different options for meals, all with the same nutritional value and delicious tastes and flavours. Our Premium membership also means we can access fascinating webinars and training, all online for the convenience of our staff chefs.”

Since joining the UK List, Avery Healthcare has been a regular nominee for VfL’s Awards for Excellence in Vegetarian Care Catering.

Simon said: “We have actively encouraged and developed our chefs to compete in this competition. We were thrilled to be nominated in several categories – it was absolutely fantastic. To have two chefs that were nominated, and then win first place and runner-up was absolutely outstanding and we’re very proud of their achievements. It was a thrilling day, and for it to be held at the Houses of Parliament was a real joy to attend.

“At Avery, we continue to promote inclusivity for older vegans and vegetarians. In what has been a challenging year, our culinary teams have continued to push the boundaries of care catering with their creative flair commitment and passion, producing dishes that are thoughtful, innovative, nutritious and flavoursome.”