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If you are about to begin catering for an older vegan person you might be feeling slightly apprehensive and have many questions running through your mind. We have put together this Vegan Rescue Pack to support you. We’re sure that in no time at all you will feel confident and become a happy vegan cook!

You can purchase a paper copy here, or by calling 0161 257 0887.

Download Vegan Rescue Pack (PDF)

Would you rather have a physical copy? Contact us with your name and address and we’ll be happy to send you one in the mail (UK addresses only)

Vegan Rescue Pack

This Vegan Rescue Pack has been prepared to support and encourage those who cater for older vegans. You might be a chef working in the care sector; a community carer working in domiciliary care; or looking after an older member of your family. Perhaps you are simply keen to cater well for an increasingly diverse range of diets. If you are reading this as an older vegan yourself, this guide might just give you that little bit of inspiration to rediscover your vegan va va voom!

Primary Audience

  • Chefs working in the care sector.
  • Community carers working in domiciliary care.
  • People looking after an older family member.
  • People who are keen to cater well for an increasingly diverse range of diets.
  • Individual older vegans.
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