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Dietary Diversity in the Care Sector

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​A guide to catering for people with allergies, intolerances, and religious, philosophical and cultural dietary beliefs.

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We can also provide half-day equality, diversity and inclusivity training in-house for your care setting. The training covers in more detail what a ‘special’ diet is, the 14 allergens, the law around protected beliefs, where to find alternative products such as gluten- and dairy-free and a practical cookery demonstration using some of our favourite ‘free-from’ products. To find out more, please contact us

Dietary Diversity in the Care Sector

​There are many reasons why people may exclude foods from their diet. These include allergies, intolerances, autoimmune diseases, personal beliefs, and religious, philosophical and cultural beliefs.

Catering for service users’ dietary requirements is an important aspect of honouring equality and diversity within your care establishment. Your service users are individual people. You should always strive to ensure that their diverse needs are met and that they have equal access to the services you provide – whether that is appealing vegan food at a summer barbecue, or a slice of gluten-free cake as part of a birthday celebration.

With a little thought and planning, catering for those with dietary restrictions needn’t create extra work. It can be an opportunity to create new, exciting and innovative dishes.

Primary Audience

​This publication is designed to make it easier to cater for any service users who require a free-from or special diet.

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