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About the VfL UK List

Vegetarian for Life is a unique charity, the only one of its kind in the world. By becoming a Vegetarian for Life UK List member today, you’ll be joining some of the UK’s leading care establishments, committed to providing the best possible catering for their vegetarian and vegan residents.

Even if you have no vegetarian or vegan residents in your care at present, becoming a member shows that you are forward-thinking when it comes to catering for a diverse range of diets. It will also give you access to help and support from Vegetarian for Life.

Once signed up, you are a member for life* and we will keep you regularly updated with expert support and news. Both free and premium membership options are available. A third tier, Featured Supplier, is available so that suppliers can also be part of the community.

Why should you join Vegetarian for Life’s UK List?

  • Free listing on Vegetarian for Life’s online, searchable database
  • On-site chef training
  • Free advice and training on difficult care situations, such as caring for a vegetarian living with dementia who is requesting meat
  • Subsidised cookery inspiration days either on site at your premises, or at a choice of guest kitchens throughout the UK
  • Support developing your vegetarian and vegan menu options
  • Use of Vegetarian for Life logo and window sticker
  • Trust and reassurance for your current and potential vegetarian and vegan residents

Premium Membership

Vegetarian for Life’s Premium Membership offers extra benefits for your establishment:

  • Unlimited access to Vegetarian for Life’s Care catering for older vegetarians and vegans webinar training series for your entire organisation. Certificated and British Dietetic Association accredited. RRP £25 per person
  • Up to 14 free places per year on a full-day training course of your choosing
  • Independent accreditation of your menus and dishes
  • 150 word description of each site on VfL website
  • Search engine optimisation allowing each site to appear at the top of area listing on VfL website
  • Free listing of menus online
  • Promotion where applicable at events and on VfL blog and social media

Prices are an annual fee and are based on number of sites. Please email or follow the join link below for more information.

*Vegetarian for Life reserves the right to terminate an establishment’s membership at any time should it appear to no longer be operating in line with the Vegetarian for Life Code of Good Practice or other guidance issued for Premium Accredited Members.

Join as a Premium Accredited UK List member 

Join as a Basic member

Featured Supplier Membership (suppliers)

As a member you will receive the following:

  • Listing on VfL’s Supplier Directory on both websites
  • Use of new ‘VfL Featured Supplier’ logo
  • Trust and reassurance for current and potential care home groups
  • Unlimited access to VfL’s care catering for older vegetarians and vegans webinar training series
  • 150 word description on each website – for care operators and vegetarians to source your products
  • One cookery demo product placement (these demos reached 40k people last year)
  • Social media welcome as a new featured supplier membership
  • Pinned recipe (one off that stays towards the top of the search) on the recipes page
  • Receive the quarterly eBites newsletter
  • Receive a copy of the annual yearbook Vintage
  • Price for membership £250 per annum.

Join as a Featured Supplier

The VfL – UK List is a geographical listing of organisations and care homes that make a special effort to cater for vegetarians and vegans. It includes care homes, retirement complexes, suppliers and other services that cater for older people.

If you are looking for a care home, retirement scheme or other catering service for yourself or for a member of your family we hope you will find the VfL UK List an invaluable resource. We have veggie-friendly UK List Members in most parts of the United Kingdom. If you have contacts with any caterers who are not on the list you could help by encouraging them to become members.

If you cater for older people and have not yet joined the VfL – UK List we hope you’ll consider it now. It is an excellent way to promote the exceptional services you offer to vegetarians and vegans. More broadly it also highlights your professional approach to all of your catering and your focus on good customer service.

Types of VfL UK List membership

Premium Accredited Membership

If you are committed to business excellence and want your catering for vegetarians and vegans to be known as the best, then this is the membership for you!

Premium Accredited Membership is the standard that all organisations should aspire to achieve. It brings with it an incredible range of benefits that recognise your achievements and will help your business prosper. Find out more about these exceptional Premium Accredited Membership benefits.

Basic Membership

Basic membership is free, and all you have to do is to follow the VfL Code of Good Practice, which ensures that you cater well for older vegetarians, and in an ethical way. Members appear on the UK List on our website. You can sign up online to become a basic member.

Featured Supplier Membership

Featured Supplier Membership is available to UK suppliers that commit to following the VfL Code of Good Practice

Would you like to join the UK–List?

​Once you have read through the listing options below, you can sign up online to become either a basic member or a premium member. If you are a supplier, you can sign up to become a featured supplier.

Listing options

Standard listing

If you comply with the basic vegetarian criteria in our best practice guide, fill in the form and you will be listed and receive a Membership Certificate to display. All list members are also mailed a couple of times a year with useful information such as Christmas, Easter and other recipes, and we also provide subsidised catering training to list members.

Vegan listing

On top of the requirements for the standard listing, if you agree to adhere to the guidelines for vegan provision in the code of good practice and you welcome vegan residents, then you can additionally be listed as a vegan facility.

Free range

On top of the requirements for the standard listing, if all the eggs you use are free range and, wherever possible, any ready-made products used contain free range eggs, then you can opt-in for this additional listing category.

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