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Spring 2019 edition of Vegetarian for Life’s electronic magazine.​

eBites Spring 2019

This issue is jam-packed with tips and advice from industry professionals, as well as championing inspirational older vegans and vegetarians.

We recently surveyed 1,000 care homes to find out how many residents are vegan or vegetarian. Since the survey was last commissioned in 2014, the number of vegans in residential care has increased by a whopping 167%!

Many of us genuinely fear being fed meat should we lose capacity. Being vegan or vegetarian is often central to our identity, and may be the strongest belief that we hold. It might be something that we have committed to for many years – even decades.

So we’re excited to announce the launch of a new guide and training programme.Dietary Diversity in the Care Sector covers the law as it relates to special diets, and outlines best practice in ethical dilemmas – including when a vegetarian asks for meat. For recipes and more information, see page 3.

This issue also looks in detail at dysphagia. We have spoken with dysphagia specialist, Preston Walker, to bring you a comprehensive guide to caring for someone with difficulty swallowing. Read the full interview on pages 4 and 5.

Finally, we wanted to share some insight into the work of our roving chef team. On page 8 we report on a recent vegan tasting event held at a care home. Training such as this is fully funded, and a great way to gain some inspiration in preparing plant-based options.

Primary Audience

This publication is aimed at older vegetarians and vegans and those who cater for them.