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Second edition of VfL’s magazine exclusively for older vegetarians and vegans.

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This special edition contains an advance care-planning supplement. We hope that it will help you protect your vegetarianism or veganism, maintain your independence, and plan for the future.

We recently produced a short veganimation (see page 3). It draws attention to how older vegans may be overlooked by care caterers. And it highlights the many ways in which the charity can help! If you’re online, please let us know what you think, and share it with your friends.

Speaking of all things techie, self-billed ‘vegan oldie’, Barbara Shaw, shares her experience of getting to grips with social media – to produce a hit vegan recipe blog. You can find out more on page 6.

In an exclusive interview, award-winning graphic novelist, Paco Roca, tells us about his poignant creation, Wrinkles (page 10).

We have also put together some easy-to-use resources to support new and veteran veggies, and those catering for them (see pages 8 and 26). And we reveal the winner of VfL’s first Award for Excellence in Vegetarian Care Catering (page 4).

VfL is of course a registered charity, and we’ve rounded up a range of easy ways to support our work (see pages 27 and 28). If you’re proud of being ‘Vegetarian for Life’, why not wear your heart on your sleeve? We have an online shop offering attractive merchandise for sale – and all profits benefit our charity.

Primary Audience

This publication is aimed at older vegetarians and vegans.

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