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Premium Accredited Membership

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Premium Accredited Membership offers you a unique opportunity to promote the high quality of your vegetarian and vegan catering. This membership will reflect your commitment to catering and customer service and will be seen as reflecting the high standards that run throughout your business. This membership is not just a stamp of approval for your catering services. It also brings with it a substantial list of benefits, which we have designed to help you grow and develop your business.

The Benefits

  • Unlimited access to Vegetarian for Life’s Care catering for older vegetarians and vegans webinar training series for your entire organisation. Certificated and British Dietetic Association accredited. RRP £25 per person.
  • Up to 14 free places per year on a full-day training course of your choosing. 
  • Independent accreditation of your menus and dishes. 
  • Free listing of menus online. 
  • 150 word description of each site on VfL website. 
  • Search engine optimisation allowing each site to appear at the top of area listing on VfL website. 
  • Promotion where applicable at local and national care exhibitions, and on VfL blog and social media channels.  

Premium Accredited Membership Fees

  • For up to 15 sites, the annual fee is £165
  • For 16 to 50 sites, the annual fee is £315
  • For over 50 sites, the annual fee is £480

Would you like to become an Accredited VfL Care Home?

​If you would like to become a VfL Accredited Care Home, please fill out this form to start the process.

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