Talking Mats

Talking Mats: Vegetarians and vegans living in care settings

“Talking Mats enhance the joy of work, when I know how I can give the right care. The conversations support a closer relationship between residents & care givers.”

"The Mats allowed us to… stay on conversation by pictures and by keeping things on the Mat to refer to… it was a really nice one-to-one time… their whole demeanour afterwards was amazing, completely different, really calm, really engaged, really alert." 

Talking Mats is an innovative, award-winning communication tool, based on extensive research and designed by Speech and Language Therapists.

Talking Mats is a powerful framework for supporting people with a range of conditions, such as dementia and stroke. It supports people to think through issues and express their views in a visual way.

This vegetarian/vegan resource has been developed for use with people living in residential or nursing care. There are four food-related topics with specially designed symbols: 

  • Values
  • Lifestyle
  • My Dietary Choice
  • My Eating Experience

Learn more about these topics here.

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