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Discover how to create a range of tasty vegan bakes – from light, airy sponges, to traditional puddings, and eggless meringue.

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Vegan Baking

Vegan baking is enjoying a wave of popularity. In recent years, a number of ready-made vegan cakes have launched in supermarkets – and many catering suppliers have been increasing their vegan ranges, too.

With the number of vegans on the rise – almost trebling in UK residential care homes, according to Vegetarian for Life’s recent survey – the demand for satisfying vegan desserts is increasing, too.

Just because someone chooses to be vegan doesn’t mean that they should miss out on their favourite sweet treats. Enjoyment of food is an important aspect of life. And if someone is
receiving care, food can feel more important still. The smells and tastes of baking can evoke fond memories. If someone is struggling to eat and losing weight, providing a tempting slice of their favourite cake and a cuppa can be an easy, enjoyable way for them to get those much-needed extra calories.

Even if someone isn’t vegan, they might still exclude eggs or dairy from their diet because of allergies or religious beliefs. By learning and applying the secrets of vegan baking, you will ensure that your tasty bakes can be enjoyed by all.

Moving away from using dairy and eggs might seem difficult at first. But a few simple switches will enable you to enjoy your favourite baked treats, animal-product free.

We hope that this guide provides plenty of inspiration. If it has sparked your appetite to learn more, Vegetarian for Life also runs one-day vegan baking courses for professional
caterers. These will give your team the tools for success to use tried-and-tested egg- and dairy- replacements to create a variety of delicious desserts.

Happy vegan baking!

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The publication primarily provides advice for professional chefs and those catering for older people.

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