Vegetarian for Life

Join the VfL UK List

Joining the Vegetarian for Life UK List is free, the only requirement being that you follow the VfL best practices guide. Please read through the information about the UK List before filling out this form. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your organization’s eligibility.

If you are a parent organisation, with a number of facilities you’d like to add to the UK List, please download this CSV file and fill it in with Excel or your spreadsheet program of choice, but keep the file format as CSV. Email it to us at and we can add all the facilities at once.

* (Vegan) Members agree to adhere to the guidelines for vegan provision
** (Free range) All eggs used are free range and, wherever possible, any ready-made products used contain free range eggs

I have read and understood the Code of Good Practice for members of the VfL UK List (including the Listing Options) and declare that this establishment will follow it.

How we treat your data
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