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Posted by Amanda on 30/10/13 in Cooking on a Budget

By making a few considered choices, you could shave over £150 off your electricity bills every year. Our new video shows how to make a few simple savings.  Meat and fish are usually the most expensive ingredients in a recipe. By eating vegetarian meals you will naturally cut down on your food bills. Find out more in our guide, Cooking on a Budget.


13 November, 2013

My two top energy saving tips are:
1) Use a pressure cooker. Eg make a big pot of soup in 10 minutes or cook a batch of dried (soaked) beans in just 10 - 20 minutes. Freeze any extra. ( I think it is also energy efficient to keep your freezer filled).
2) Eat raw!

Mike Maybury
15 November, 2013

Salads and fresh fruit use no energy for cooking.

Tinned beas and corn may use energy in their production but are so easy to use, and the contents can be microwaved only to the warmth you require- no need to boil!

Frozen vegetables and other foods need little cooking. Either microwave, or boil in minimum of water (watch for burning!) till ‘al dente’. If boiling, and using more water, I leave any water in the saucepan, add tomato paste, tahini or peanut butter and seasoning. This makes a delicious nutritious sauce.

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