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World Vegan Day

Posted by Katie on 31/10/18 in Articles

1 November is World Vegan Day, and here at V for Life we want to celebrate the millions of vegans across the world.

In the past 10 years veganism has risen by a staggering 360 percent, according to a survey carried out on behalf of The Vegan Society.

But before the era of supermarket own brand 'mac and cheese', and red velvet brownies, there was a whole generation of vegetarians and vegans paving the way for us.

People such as Roy Burdin, 98, who went vegan 30 years ago and says you can’t go wrong with a "good honest hummus". He has dedicated part of his life to helping educate others about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

World Vegan Day is a day to celebrate the growth of veganism, but also a way to thank the incredible people who have helped get veganism to where it is today. This includes those helping to ensure that older vegans, whether living independently or in care homes, get the food they need.

Amanda Woodvine, Chief Executive of V for Life said: “World Vegan Day is a great way to celebrate and champion the many vegans across the UK and the world.

“It also acts as a reminder that although veganism has seen a huge rise in recent years, there were people really championing the cause decades ago. These trailblazers are now older, with some living in care homes and many others still living independently.

"Many older vegans are thriving, which is fantastic. But others, whether living independently or in care, can struggle to maintain the diet that is at the core of their identity. Out-of-town supermarkets with wider vegan ranges are often not easily accessible without the use of cars. Although frailer vegans may have access to local shops, these tend to be more expensive and typically offer a limited choice of vegan alternatives.

"And in care settings, vegan options may be scarce, and knowledge about veg*n diets very limited.

“At V for Life we dedicate our time to helping ensure these older vegans get the food and meals they want and need.

“We have plenty of free recipe guides for anyone who wants to try more vegan cooking.”

Visit the V for Life website for more information and cooking inspiration.


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