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Chef Ollie’s Nuts Challenge for VfL

Posted by Ollie on 29/10/18 in VfL News and Events

On 1 September I took part in the Nuts Challenge 2018, running it for V for Life.

This is an obstacle run in Surrey, voted the UK’s best mud run – and it sure is muddy! As well as mud, I encountered a water assault course: climbing, crawling and challenging obstacles all the way round.  It was a beautiful sunny day. perfect for playing in mud. 

It starts easy enough with a short run but isn’t long before the obstacles start; easy to begin with (log climbs and stepping stones) before growing in difficulty and muddiness with net climbs, zip slides, tunnels and lake swims to name a few. After a while walking in a straight line can be exhausting because you’re often just trying to keep your balance.

My V for Life chef’s apron, that I had adorned myself in over the top of running gear, had to be left half way round due safety issues on some of the obstacles. Not that anyone could any longer see charity embellishments by this point. I think some people were finding it hard to even recognise their friends!

After just over an hour I crossed the finish line to collect my medal and hit the showers and a much-deserved beer... washed down with a mouthful of mud.


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