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National Picnic Week, 18–26 June 2022

18–26 June is National Picnic Week, so why not enjoy a picnic with family and friends? Although the concept of the picnic originated in France, the British have very much taken it to their hearts. It is thought that the average person in the UK goes on three picnics a year, enjoying the...


Posted by Claire on 16/06/22 in Articles and Life After Retirement

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Fun activities & training for National Vegetarian Week

With National Vegetarian Week soon approaching (16–22 May), why not take the opportunity to host some fun veggie activities for your residents? Vegetarian for Life (VfL) has plenty of inspiring ideas to help your planning. National Vegetarian Week is a really nice way to make vegetarian ...


Posted by on 04/04/22 in Articles and VfL News and Events

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Join our team as a Trustee

About the opportunity Vegetarian for Life (VfL) is the leading authority on diet and healthy living advice for older vegans and vegetarians. Since there are currently only two fully vegetarian care homes in the UK, one of VfL’s major goals is to improve the standard of vegan and vegetarian ca...


Posted by Amanda on 07/12/21 in Articles and Life After Retirement and VfL News and Events

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