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About the opportunity Vegetarian for Life (VfL) is the leading authority on diet and healthy living advice for older vegans and vegetarians. Since there are currently only two fully vegetarian care homes in the UK, one of VfL’s major goals is to improve the standard of vegan and vegetarian ca...


Posted by Amanda on 07/12/21 in Articles and Life After Retirement and VfL News and Events

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Celebrating Diwali

Vegan Soy Chow Mein, by Asa Narinder @the_art_of_pure_cooking Today I am introducing you all to the crowning jewel of the Indo Chinese cuisine, vegetable chow mein. Indo Chinese cuisine has a distinct culinary style – it’s an amalgamation of various aspects of Indian and Chi...


Posted by Guest on 22/10/21 in Articles and Life After Retirement and Recipes

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How inclusive is your lunch club?

If you run a lunch club you’ll know how beneficial they can be for people, helping to reduce social isolation and providing a regular social activity for an older person to look forward to. A lunch club is a great reason for someone to get out of the house and enjoy a home-cooked, nutrit...


Posted by Claire on 20/09/21 in Articles and Recipes

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