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Celebrating Chanukah by the Jewish Vegetarian Society

Posted by Guest on 23/11/21 in Recipes

With Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights, just around the corner, here at the Jewish Vegetarian Society we wanted to share some of our favourite festive recipes.

The festival celebrates the miracle of a tiny bit of oil that lit the menorah in the Great Temple in Jerusalem for eight days instead of one. We mark the holiday with family get-togethers, games, and of course, food.

It is customary to make potato pancakes known as latkes, as well as doughnuts and other oily treats.

One of our favourite vegan doughnut recipes is courtesy of actress Mayim Bialik.

When it comes to latkes, we can’t recommend this one from Lazy Cat Kitchen enough. Aquafaba (chickpea water) takes the place of eggs to make an incredibly moreish, chewy latke. These taste great with apple sauce or with sour cream. The blog also has a great recipe using cashew nuts and don’t miss the instructional video.

For a healthier version, why not try Jewish Food Hero’s sweet and savoury latkes? Made with sweet potato and parsnips, these treats don’t use oil and aren’t fried. You could try adapting the recipe using seasonal vegetables.

The Vegetarian Society has a great list of what’s in season in the UK here.


For a main meal that's warming, full of flavour, and packed with protein, we love this goulash recipe from the Jewish Food Hero website’s community section.

Ever wanted to try your hand at baking your own challah? We love Jemma Jacobs’ recipe which produces a delicious, light, and fluffy dough.

We hope that you have fun trying out some new recipes. You can find more veggie recipes over on our website:


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