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A collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes submitted by you. If you'd like to have a recipe featured on our blog, please get in touch.

Lunch club catering for older vegans and vegetarians this #PlantBasedWeek

Introducing VfL's new lunch club catering guide: perfect for anyone looking to cater well for vegans and vegetarians for Plant Based Week or National Vegetarian Week. Click here to download your free copy.


Posted by Amanda on 10/05/22 in Recipes and VfL News and Events

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Planning a vegan Easter

Spring is here. It’s time for longer, warmer days and of course, Easter. There are likely to be lots of new people celebrating a vegan Easter this year, which means many more people looking for plant-based recipes, advice and tips. Celebrating as a vegan isn’t as difficult as ...


Posted by Ollie on 08/04/22 in Recipes

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Enjoying a meat-free Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when Muslims fast during daylight hours. This year it begins in April. Nuhad Sheikh has kindly written this guest blog for VfL about Ramadan as a vegetarian and vegan, sharing lots of her favourite recipes below. On a personal note, I’ve bee...


Posted by Guest on 31/03/22 in Recipes

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