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A collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes submitted by you. If you'd like to have a recipe featured on our blog, please get in touch.

‘Food fortification for vegans’ guide launched to mark Vegetarian Awareness Month

A comprehensive guide showing how to use vegan, dairy-free alternatives to fortify food with calories and protein. Vegetarian for Life’s colourful new 24-page guide equips caterers with the knowledge to fortify foods for someone following a vegan or milk-free diet. Often dairy products or wh...


Posted by Tom on 06/10/21 in Nutritional Advice and Questions Answered and Recipes

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Time to care

Whether you are employed as a carer or caring for a family member, we know that caring responsibilities often come with limited time, especially when getting creative at mealtimes. This limited time or additional responsibilities can make it difficult to find time to make delicious and nu...


Posted by Claire on 24/09/21 in Recipes

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How inclusive is your lunch club?

If you run a lunch club you’ll know how beneficial they can be for people, helping to reduce social isolation and providing a regular social activity for an older person to look forward to. A lunch club is a great reason for someone to get out of the house and enjoy a home-cooked, nutrit...


Posted by Claire on 20/09/21 in Articles and Recipes

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