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Tickle some tastebuds this Easter!

Posted by Claire on 21/03/24 in Recipes

An amazing time of year, Easter is traditionally a time to indulge in cheeky chocolate and delicious dinners, either by yourself or with others. By making your treats vegan, you will ensure that everyone can enjoy and join in with the celebrations.

Perhaps you are planning an Easter meal with all the trimmings and looking for more inspiration? We have a selection of recipes in our Easter Treats booklet. With a wonderful range of spring vegetables available at this time of year, it's the ideal season to pull together the ultimate vegan Easter feast. These dishes are not only colourful but are packed with flavour, meaning everyone at your Easter table will be satisfied.

For afters, we have a range of publications packed full of mouth-watering chocolate-based recipes! A firm favourite here at VfL are our vegan Brownies, using aquafaba (liquid from canned chickpeas) as an egg alternative. This foolproof recipe is perfect for a squidgy chocolate bake.

Or for a decadent show shopper, why not try our rich Chocolate Orange Cake – a perfect centrepiece to your Easter table.

If you want a lighter chocolate-free bake, try our Lemon and Courgette Cake – a real crowd pleaser. This vegan loaf cake is a tangy lemon drizzle and ideal for a coffee morning or afternoon tea.

Alternatively, you may wish to use your own recipes. Many of your favourite bakes can be veganised with some simple swaps. Our roving chefs share their top tips for successful vegan baking:

Ollie suggests switching butter for a dairy-free alternative such as Pure, Vitalite, Naturli or the Stork baking block. 

Alex adds, "If a recipe requires milk, simply swap it for a plant-based alternative, such as soya or almond milk."

Justina highlights, "When it comes to alternatives to egg for baking, different recipes require different approaches – not all substitutes work interchangeably. Some replacements work well for cookies and bars, some are good for the lighter batters in cakes and quick breads, while others can also lend themselves well to savoury baking. You can refer to our Vegan Baking Guide for full details and recipes."

Maybe you are short on time and prefer a no-bake option? Our Chocolate Avocado Pudding is super simple and made in minutes. Even better, the addition of avocado counts towards your five-a-day and makes this pudding smooth and silky.

For a simple Easter twist you can top cakes and puddings with vegan mini eggs, for example NOMO, Moo Free and Doisy & Dam are widely available in larger supermarkets and Holland & Barrett. You could also do this as part of an activity with your residents.

If your recipe calls for dark chocolate, ensure that the one you buy is actually vegan! Most dark chocolate is pure cocoa but some brands will add milk or whey protein (which is milk derived). Check the wrapper to make sure your chocolate clearly states that it is vegan or is from a ‘free from’ range.

Alternatively, many catering suppliers stock a range of vegan items. Both Brakes and Bidfood have savoury and sweet options, including hot cross buns and a selection of cakes and bakes. Their vegan friendly and plant-based selection deliver the quality, taste, and visual appeal you would expect of traditional dishes.

We hope that we have given you some food for thought and that you have a wonderful Easter with all your residents enjoying some tasty treats.


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