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VfL Awards for Excellence 2023: Winners announced

Posted by Tom on 19/10/23 in VfL News and Events

On Wednesday 18 October, VfL travelled to the Houses of Parliament to host our annual Awards for Excellence in Veg*n Care Catering. Among the awards presented were Veggie Care Chef of the Year, Most Innovative Veggie Dish, and Hospital Caterer of the Year. 

Click here for more information and for details of the winners. 

First launched in 2016, the Annual Awards highlight the importance of catering well for older vegans and vegetarians. We recently surveyed 1,000 care homes to find out how many residents are vegan or vegetarian. Since the survey was last commissioned in 2014, the number of vegans in residential care has increased by a whopping 167%!

With growing numbers of vegans and vegetarians being supported by the care sector, it is no surprise that news of the awards has been positively received by care organisations. Articles about the awards have been published by the NACC, Care Home Catering, Hospitality Assured and more.

It’s becoming impossible to ignore the demand for top-notch veggie care catering.


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