Volunteer sought for small animal sanctuary

Posted by Jasmine on 27/06/18 in Community Notices

An older individual has contacted V for Life, hoping to find someone to volunteer at their animal sanctuary on the Devon-Dorset border. 

The small sanctuary has rescue sheep, goats, small ponies, a cow and more. 

It has become difficult for this person to care for all of the animals alone. If someone could volunteer at the sanctuary – either just occasionally, or more regularly – it would be greatly valued. 

If you are able to volunteer, or would like to find out more about the sanctuary, contact V for Life by emailing us or calling 0161 257 0887 and we'll put you in contact. 

This could be a great opportunity to support an older veggie, and meet some wonderful animals that need a lot of attention. This individual wanted us to let you know how wonderful the animals are...

When the fear that they're going to be eaten has gone, they turn into friendly animals. The sheep are as friendly as dogs.

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27 June, 2018

Hello! I just wanted to know where about on the Devon/Dorset border this older individual is required and roughly how often they want help and what sort of help ?
I don’t want to disappoint the individual by expressing interest and not being able to help (just because I am in Devon on certain days so am not sure if I can commit yet), but if you could let me know the answers to these that would be great!

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