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We reveal the winners of our 2022 Awards for Excellence in Vegetarian Care Catering

Posted by Amanda on 24/11/22 in Articles, Life After Retirement, VfL News and Events

We are delighted to have announced the winners of our 2022 Awards for Excellence in Vegetarian and Vegan Care Catering.

On 23 November, 14 rising stars in vegan and vegetarian care catering were honoured in a ceremony held in the Houses of Parliament.

From Veggie Care Chef of the Year to Veggie Wholesaler of the Year, VfL's 2022 awards proved to be our biggest yet, with a fifth award category introduced to specifically recognise hospital catering teams.

The awards ceremony commenced with inspiring talks and workshops illustrating how those working in the sector could Go from Good to Great with activities, with love for food, and with Vegetarian for Life.

Reflecting on her 20 years as a vegan in her keynote address, VfL Chief Executive, Amanda Woodvine commented: “Vegans and vegetarians in care homes certainly existed back in those early days. I remember being told by one care caterer that he had to buy veggie alternatives in with his family’s food shopping and claim the money back –  because there was simply nothing available from the care home’s wholesalers.

“Fast forward to today and the difference is staggering. Supermarkets sell a variety of plant based milks, meat alternatives, vegan cheeses, cookies, and even cakes and pastries. And I'm so pleased that wholesalers have followed suit. We were over the moon when the first entirely vegan product catalogues launched.”

For more information on Vegetarian for Life, the awards, and previous winners click here.  


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