Celebrating St David’s Day

Posted by Ollie on 26/02/20 in Recipes

Join us this year in celebrating St David’s Day on 1 March.

St David was a Welsh monk during the 6th century, and the patron saint of Wales. Every year Welsh people celebrate the occasion with festivities that include wearing daffodils and leeks (recognised symbols of Wales and St David), and eating traditional Welsh food including Cawl (a Welsh soup) and Welsh rarebit. There are also parades through cities and towns across the country.

But why do we love him at the VfL headquarters? Well, St David also happened to be a devout vegetarian and has become known as the patron saint of vegetarians and vegans. Legend has it that he was a vegetarian who ate only bread, herbs, vegetables, drank only water and lived for more than 100 years – which perhaps speaks volumes about the benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets!

To help you celebrate St. David’s Day, the end of winter, and perhaps some fairer weather too, download our delicious and easy-to-cook collection of St David’s Day-inspired veggie recipes.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a printed copy, please contact us.


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