Food wholesalers ahead of the curve in Veganuary celebrations

Posted by Kieran on 24/01/20 in VfL News and Events

Vegetarian for Life is well known for its work with care homes across the UK. But did you know that a lot of what we do relates to the companies supplying those care homes?

We work with some of the biggest wholesalers in the UK who equip not only some of the biggest care home chains, but also hotels, schools, canteens, and more.

With the number of people trying veganism over the last few years, it’s no surprise to see wholesalers making a conscious effort to broaden their product ranges. It’s even more exciting to see these wholesalers get into the spirit of Veganuary, making sure that anybody who may be vegan, or simply interested in trying veganism, is catered for.


Brakes, one of VfL’s UK list members and winner of ‘Veggie Wholesaler of the Year’ at our 2019 Awards for Excellence in Vegetarian Care Catering, has been supplying the foodservice industry for more than 60 years. The company is particularly enthusiastic about the rise of veganism, as its product range shows. There is now a dedicated vegan section on its website.

Aside from offering a fantastic range of meat-free options, Brakes has showcased a range of vegan recipes and products across its social media channels, such as its vegan barbecue pulled jackfruit burger, and a mouth-watering recipe for a sweet potato, coconut and chili soup.

Thomas Ridley

Thomas Ridley has also shown a great enthusiasm for veganism, and not just throughout January, either. The Suffolk-based wholesaler supplying the catering industry has been keen to embrace the changing dietary needs of consumers over recent years.

Aside from offers on vegan products, Thomas Ridley has provided some inspiration on its website for those trying Veganuary (although these recipes will tempt anyone!) We particularly enjoyed its mouth-watering Vegan Portuguese Tart recipe.

Thomas Ridley went as far as to publish a case study on one of its vegan customers, the Greenhouse Café in Felixstowe. The coffee shop is completely plant-based, located close to the sea. Thomas Ridley is currently offering a 10% online discount on its vegan product range. Simply input the code DIRECT10 at checkout. Valid until 01/07/2020.

Country Range Group

Elsewhere, it was fantastic to see Country Range Group, a leading independent foodservice brand, embracing the Veganuary celebrations in the January/February edition of its online magazine, Stir It Up.

Although not a completely vegan food supplier, its publication was full of inspiring recipes, case studies, and mentioned some products that we weren’t even aware of ourselves, such as Rich Sauces Vegan Mayonnaise!

We also spotted a fantastic Trend Guide with some interesting information on current food trends including (you guessed it) veganism.

The publication gave a fantastic insight into what consumers are currently buying and why, suggesting that Deliveroo (an online delivery service that picks up your food from restaurants nearby and delivers it to your home) reported a massive 330% increase in vegan orders over the past 2 years.

This is great news all round, showing that vegan options are becoming more and more accessible, and making it easier not only for older vegetarians and vegans, but for anyone to access great meat-free options.

If you’re struggling to access vegetarian or vegan food, have a look at our Veggie Meals to your Door publication to find delivery options in your area.


Having supplied the catering industry since 1981, Debriar was keen to showcase some of its vegan range of products, including this delicious-looking chocolate cake featured on the home page.

It was fantastic to see a dedicated vegan section of the product range, too – easily accessible from the main page and showcasing desserts, condiments and more (including gluten-free options).

Lomond Wholesale

Lomond Wholesale Food Company was keen to make Veganuary as easy as possible for those giving veganism a go. The Scotland-based wholesaler put together an entire catalogue of promotions on its vegan products for those purchasing between 1 and 31 January.

Products ranged from meat substitutes to desserts (including some delicious-looking churros) – and even kombucha. Following on from the offers, Lomond has dedicated an entire section in its 2020 brochure to veganism (see page 15), making it easier than ever to get hold of great vegan products.


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