Life as a vegan: Christine’s story

Posted by Maggie on 16/05/18 in VfL News and Events

Christine became vegan nearly 2 years ago after visiting a number of vegan fairs and events that opened her eyes to the problems of the farming industry and animal abuse.

She was not happy causing harm to others so felt the need to live a more ethical lifestyle... and so her journey transitioning to a vegan lifestyle began.

Christine also wanted a healthier way of life because her family has a history of obesity, heart failure and diabetes. She found that the reduction in meat and dairy has helped her to not only lose weight, but also to stop taking medication for high blood pressure! Christine’s family and friends have been very welcoming of her change of lifestyle, with some now trying vegan dishes at home or when dining out.

Christine admits that at first, she struggled with cutting out meat and dairy. However this issue disappeared quite quickly, and she now finds living a vegan lifestyle easy and enjoyable. Eating out is one of her favourite pastimes and she appreciates finding more places that provide good quality vegan dishes.

When out and about, she likes to plan ahead if she’s unsure about vegan options. Speaking to chefs and owners about her requirements can have positive effects and means that she doesn’t miss out on tasty vegan meals. Offering constructive criticism on menus and vegan options is normally well received and means food items other than chips and salad can be enjoyed!

Learning to create vegan dishes has been an enjoyable journey. Christine recently attended a tofu cooking workshop, which helped her understand better ways to use such a versatile ingredient. Christine has always enjoyed vegetables and is a keen cook. She finds trying new dishes and learning new skills highly rewarding alongside educating herself about nutrition and a healthy balanced plant-based diet.

Christine not only avoids animal products from her diet, but also other aspects of her life, including cleaning products, medication, clothing and beauty items such as moisturiser and make-up. She finds it easier than ever before to find vegan-friendly items in a city such as Manchester, and much easier to do shopping for food or household items.


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