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Posted by Tina on 15/10/13 in VfL News and Events

This month has been one of events. Amanda started off by attending Salford Royal Hospital’s Diet and Diversity event on 9 September, organised by the Hospital Trust’s Equality and Diversity Officer. A number of representative groups were invited to give presentations about their diets, including Chinese, African, South Asian Hindu, and of course vegetarian and vegan, to an audience of hospital workers. After the presentations, the hospital workers formed break-out groups, spending time with, and sampling cuisine from, each organisation. Amanda worked with Cordon Vert, who provided hot vegetarian and vegan dishes for sampling. She outlined VfL’s work and distributed copies of relevant publications. Later in the month Tina attended the Viva! Roadshow in Monmouth. As usual for Viva! events this was very well attended and busy right from the start. It took place in the Shire Hall, a town centre location, with food sampling and talks in other parts of the building. The Roadshow was so popular that Tina ran out of some print before the end of the event. Finally Tina gave a talk to a society of retired ladies in Dumfries. This was attended by 30 older ladies (their full capacity) and was very well received, with lots of sensible questions and enthusiasm. Fry’s kindly donated food samples so the ladies were able to try some vegan food, which they were very positive about.


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