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WATCH: Caring for vegetarians & vegans living with dementia

Posted by Amanda on 04/03/22 in VfL News and Events

Imagine that you have been vegan or vegetarian for a number of years or even decades. Sadly, you are no longer able to live independently and have to receive extra care, so move into a care home.

Your family and yourself make clear your food preferences. But what happens 6 months or a year down the line if you no longer remember that you were vegan or vegetarian? How would you feel if you were then offered and served meat, or if you unknowingly started to choose meat dishes?

Vegetarian for Life is proud to announce the launch of a Memory Care Pledge that will be taken by care homes up and down the UK.

This is to help ensure that vegans or vegetarians who have capacity issues, or cognitive losses, will be offered a choice of meals, drinks and snacks that uphold their ethical beliefs.

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