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Professional Caterer training – delivered online at VegfestUK Summerfest 2020

Posted by Amanda on 10/08/20 in Articles, VfL News and Events

The V for Life Cookery School is excited to announce the launch of a special vegan and vegetarian ‘Professional Caterers Zone’ as part of Vegfest UK Summerfest 2020: Trade and Media Online, Friday 14 August 2020.

Ideal for professional caterers – whether that is in a school, hospital, restaurant or care establishment – the Zone will offer a series of informative and practical demonstrations on animal-free cooking and baking, provided by a host of specialist vegan chefs.

With the huge rise in the UK of people turning to a vegan diet, now is the time to expand your kitchen knowledge and master some new ingredients, simple recipes, and diverse menu planning.

The Zone is free to attend, and registration is now open at:

Professional Caterers


Justina Bajorinaite             Meat-free 101 with Chef Justina

An informative introduction to catering for vegans from Justina, a plant-based chef with a wide-range of experience and a love of cuisines from around the globe.

Alex Connell                      Vegan baking with Chef Alex

Learn the secrets to creating tasty bakes without eggs or dairy. Alex was formerly the Principal Tutor at The Vegetarian Society Cookery School and brings vast experience and passion for vegan and vegetarian catering.

Oliver Bragg                      Vegan cheese-making with Chef Ollie

An inspiring taster session introducing the textures, flavours and health benefits of raw, fermented nut cheese and how to make it. Ollie has long pushed the boundaries of meat-free cuisine, combining experience with artistry to make unique dishes that are exciting and nutritionally satisfying.

Kieran Whitehouse            Care catering soundBites

After over a decade as the leading authority on vegan and vegetarian care catering, V for Life has entered the exciting world of podcasting – meaning we can conveniently keep you abreast of all the latest developments. Expect interviews with key players in the care sector – care managers, chefs, wholesalers, and others who are leading the field while veganism becomes a staple on every menu.

Award-winning wholesalers, Brakes, are among our guests for this soundBites Summerfest special.

Alex Connell                      Dietary diversity and inclusivity in care menu planning

A not-to-be-missed session for care caterers, ensuring person-centred, inclusive catering for all.


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