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The Unforgettable Taste of Summer!

Posted by Guest on 29/06/15 in Nutritional Advice, Recipes

Photo: SXC/Alexandre Loyer
For many people, a delicious bowl of strawberries captures the essence of a beautiful British summer. The refreshing taste of strawberries is not only perfect on a hot sunny day but it can evoke many happy memories; from school fetes to family picnics on the beach and from garden parties to court-side seats at Wimbledon (if you’ve been very lucky!) As a result, strawberries are one of the best examples of how fresh and seasonal food can help older people recall memories that they thought had faded away. Strawberries are such a powerful example because in addition to their memorable taste their very distinctive and perfume-like scent captivates our sense of smell. No wonder that the Latin name for the strawberry plant is Fragaria, derived from the Latin for fragrance! Such a tempting taste, aroma and brilliant colour make strawberries a very tempting treat between meals. Absolutely ideal for those who prefer smaller meals and snacks rather than large meal portions! Strawberries also have another very special benefit for older people – they are an excellent source of vitamin C. While we may usually think of an orange as the best source of vitamin C, an average serving of strawberries will actually have more! Any other reason to enjoy this super summer fruit? Yes, they are quite simply delicious whether eaten fresh or incorporated into a special summer dessert. One of Vegetarian for Life’s favourite strawberry delights is Strawberry and Elderflower Tart. This is just one of the great recipes from our new freelance roving chef, Jane Hughes which are featured in her new book The Vegetarian Year published by Modern Books. For more information about Vegetarian for Life and its charitable work and resources for older vegetarians and vegans visit or call 0161 2570887.


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