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Tips and advice when catering for someone with dysphagia

Posted by Katie on 29/03/19 in Nutritional Advice

Today, a standardised framework comes into place internationally for those caring for someone with dysphagia. The guidelines – created by the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative – show thickness levels of food and drink for a person with dysphagia. This is to encourage standardisation around the world.

At Vegetarian for Life we have spoken with dysphagia experts to understand the condition and learn the best way to manage it – focusing on older vegans or vegetarians living with dysphagia.

Every day this week we will be sharing a video via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, full of tips and advice to help you care for an older vegan or vegetarian person living with dysphagia.

There will be recipes, tips for vegan and vegetarian food fortification, as well as the basics of how to spot the signs if you think a person has dysphagia.

Amanda Woodvine, Chief Executive of Vegetarian for Life, said: “It has been incredibly insightful working alongside those who specialise in dysphagia and we wanted to be able to share that knowledge with you.

“It is important that we look at the needs of older vegans and vegetarians living with dysphagia and find ways to meet those needs. This week is dedicated to doing just that.”

Visit for more information about the framework. To view Vegetarian for Life's dysphagia video library, click here.


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