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‘Food fortification for vegans’ guide launched to mark Vegetarian Awareness Month

Posted by Tom on 06/10/21 in Nutritional Advice, Questions Answered, Recipes

A comprehensive guide showing how to use vegan, dairy-free alternatives to fortify food with calories and protein.

Vegetarian for Life’s colourful new 24-page guide equips caterers with the knowledge to fortify foods for someone following a vegan or milk-free diet.

Often dairy products or whey protein powder are used, leaving chefs and even dietitians stumped for alternative ideas.

Vegetarian for Life’s new guide is here to help. Packed with recipes, including light meals, mains, puddings, snacks and drinks, there are plenty of ideas and inspiration for fortifying dishes without dairy.

From a flavoursome satay tofu through to protein-packed cashew nut cream – and even a decadent crème brûlée – this guide is full of ways to add those extra calories and protein without the dairy.

You’ll find the calories and protein calculated for each recipe; a table of protein-rich ingredients that can be used to fortify foods; and ideas for dairy-free fortification of snacks and drinks.

Chef Ollie Bragg who developed the recipes said: “Ensuring residents get enough calories and protein when appetite is low can be tricky. This can seem even more challenging when your go-to dairy fortification methods can’t be used. These delicious recipes will show you how to increase calories without compromising on taste.”

Download a copy here, order a paper copy here, or call Vegetarian for Life on 0161 257 0887.

If you would like further guidance online or in person, Vegetarian for Life’s meat-free 101 training and bespoke fortification training are the perfect way to increase your team’s skills and confidence. Click here or email for more information or to book.


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