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Retain and inspire your staff with online vegan and vegetarian training

Posted by on 14/06/22 in Nutritional Advice, VfL News and Events

Did you know that there is a clear link between staff training and retention? What's more, the link is supported by a wealth of research.

Vegetarian for Life offers a number of online training options – perfect for equipping your staff with the knowledge and inspiration to cater well for your vegan and vegetarian residents.

We're sure you’re aware that most catering courses only briefly cover vegetarian and vegan diets, if at all.

Vegetarian for Life's British Dietetic Association accredited care caterer training provides the perfect introduction. It covers a number of topics including plant–based nutrition, menu planning, and sourcing and cooking with meat- and dairy- alternatives.

Our recently launched meat-free 101 course is another great introductory course, covering the additional topics of vegan baking and vegan food fortification.

Both courses offer excellent value for money at just £25 each, per staff member. Alternatively, by joining as a Premium UK List Member you'll benefit from FREE access to these courses for an unlimited number of staff. Each course takes about 2.5 hours to complete each and certificates will be sent out on completion.

5 reasons for your staff to undertake vegetarian/vegan caterer training:

  1. The number of vegetarians and vegans is increasing. Even if you don’t have any vegan residents currently, you soon will. In fact, it’s older people (65–79 years old) who are leading the way. They are twice as likely to have reduced their meat consumption as 18–24 year-olds.
  2. Attract new potential residents by demonstrating your inclusivity and how well you cater for special diets. Increasing your vegan options will not only provide more allergen-free meals, but will also increase inclusivity for those following a special diet for religious reasons.
  3. The law requires you to cater well for those following special diets – and veganism is classed as a protected belief. Find out more in VfL's Dietary Diversity in the Care Sector guide.
  4. Go from good to excellent on your CQC rating by showing your commitment to catering well for special diets.
  5. Save money and increase your sustainability by adding more plant-based options on your menu. Remember all residents can enjoy plant-based options.

For more information, or a limited free trial, to ensure our online training is suitable for your staff, email our training coordinator, Ellie:


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