Virtual lunch club launching soon

Posted by Guest on 19/05/20 in VfL News and Events

We might not be able to meet in person just yet, but why not join us for a virtual lunch club, running bi-weekly from Tuesday 26 May 1–2pm, via Zoom?

Learn some tasty new recipes, meet and socialise with others, and get some great cooking tips from Chef Alex.

If you're missing out on your hols or just fancy a taste of something different, try Alex's Paella recipe, followed by a tasty Apple Charlotte for pudding.

Cook it in the comfort of your own home on Tuesday 26 May, and then join us online to enjoy it, at 1pm. We can then chat about the recipe and all things cooking-related with Chef Alex.

Here's what you'll need to add to your shopping list or dig out of the cupboards:

Paella (Serves 4)

200g easy cook rice

½ tsp turmeric

1 tbsp oil (use the oil from the artichokes if using)

1 onion

150g asparagus or green beans

2 garlic cloves

1 red pepper

1 jar artichokes, (the ones in oil)

75g sundried tomatoes

30g gherkins

50g olives

100g sundried tomato paste

75g frozen peas

½ tsp paprika

1 tbsp fresh dill. Use parsley, thyme or oregano if you prefer

100g cherry tomatoes

30g toasted almond flakes

1 lemon

And for the Apple Charlotte pudding:

(Serves 4)

450g cooking apples

1 lemon

maple syrup

75g fresh white breadcrumbs

100g caster sugar

75g hazelnuts, chopped

If technology and Zoom in particular are new to you, visit call 0800 048 7642, or email for help.  If you're already tech savvy, all you'll need to do is open the Zoom link in your internet browser and join the meeting.

Make sure that your audio and video are switched on. We'll be happy to talk you through all of this on the day or in advance.

To find out more or to book your place, please email or call 0161 257 0887.


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