Age UK Hammersmith and Fulham go veggie

Posted by Ollie on 05/11/20 in VfL News and Events

I was recently invited to deliver a Zoom cookery session for Hammersmith and Fulham Age UK. The centre has a café with a fully equipped kitchen and a talented chef. Incredibly, the café had never offered any vegetarian or vegan options before – so, together with the centre’s management staff, we decided that it was time for a change!










We arranged the session so that I could deliver an hour-long cookery demo for the service users, who would either watch from the comfort of their own homes and cook along, or watch from the centre on the big screen.  While I demonstrated a vegetarian country garden cottage pie and a simple, yet delicious, vegan fruit crumble with custard, the chef cooked the same recipes in the café kitchen.

When the demo was over, the food at the centre was ready for everyone to tuck into. It all went down really well with no leftovers. It was a great way to get everyone to taste the great recipes that we produce at VfL, and the next best thing to doing a cookery demo in person.

You can find the recipes that we made here:

Country Garden Cottage Pie 

Fruit Crumble

Feedback from some of the service-users:

 “It was a lovely meal  all-in-all a lovely afternoon”

“Very good recipe”

“Very interesting” 

“Enjoyed the meal”

“More vegetarian dishes please”

“I would welcome a weekly vegetarian meal at Age UK”

If you cater for older people and would like to arrange something similar, please get in touch with for more info, or to book.

We’d love to support you in introducing veggie/vegan options at your venue, and can help you develop a new menu, with plenty of tasty options.


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