FaceApp shows what we’ll LOOK like in future – but how will we FEEL?

Posted by Kieran on 19/07/19 in Articles, Life After Retirement

If you’ve been scrolling through social media recently then you’ve no doubt come across the latest trend – FaceApp.

FaceApp is a smartphone application that allows you to upload a picture of yourself, and from there it will generate a picture of what it thinks you will look like when you are 30 years older.

This has given some often amusing results (we’ve all had a go!) But it got us thinking. This app gives us insight into how we might be SEEN in 30 or 40 years – but what if we could understand how we might FEEL?

Obviously we would love, as vegetarians and vegans, for our dietary and ethical beliefs to be treated with the utmost respect. We’d love to carry on eating and using products in the same way we did all those years ago – even if we enter care.

Unfortunately for many vegetarians and vegans living with dementia, by the time they need care, their lifestyle choices might be overlooked – particularly if they have forgotten that they used to have these beliefs.

VfL is committed to ensuring that the needs of residents in situations like these are not forgotten, despite what our future selves might be saying, or even requesting on our dinner plates. After all, a vegetarian or vegan chooses to live that way because of how they feel – whether that is an ethical belief, or any other reason.

At V for Life we are proud to be the leading source of information for vegans who are worried about protecting their beliefs in the case of dementia. We have a free advanced-care planning guide, and top tips on how to stay veggie/vegan if you have dementia (contact us for more information).

With recent figures showing that the number of older vegans going into care has trebled in recent years, our unique work is becoming all the more important. Donate to support our work today.


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