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‘Food fortification for vegans’ guide launched to mark Vegetarian Awareness Month

A comprehensive guide showing how to use vegan, dairy-free alternatives to fortify food with calories and protein. Vegetarian for Life’s colourful new 24-page guide equips caterers with the knowledge to fortify foods for someone following a vegan or milk-free diet. Often dairy products or wh...


Posted by Tom on 06/10/21 in Nutritional Advice and Questions Answered and Recipes

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Five ways to futureproof your veg*n diet from dementia

Individuals choose veganism and vegetarianism for a number of reasons, whether that is ethical, environmental, health, or even religious. Our approach to life and our cherished beliefs can often be threatened by Alzheimer’s disease, the most common type of dementia in the UK. This cruel illne...


Posted by Oliver on 03/03/21 in Questions Answered and VfL News and Events

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UK supermarkets – which are open early for older adults?

UK supermarkets have been opening early for older and vulnerable adults and NHS workers so they don't fall prey to the effects of panic buying, which has seen many essentials stripped from shelves.  Below: Download your free copy of Veggie Meals to your Door here. Stores are expected to...


Posted by Amanda on 21/03/20 in Articles and Life After Retirement and Questions Answered

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