Vegetarian for Life

Home-cooked food, made by neighbours, for neighbours

Posted by Tina on 19/08/15 in Articles, Life After Retirement

I took CB her first meal today. It was a vegetable country pie with cheese pastry topping. She said that she liked it, but older people can be very polite so you can never be sure.  I planned to take her some soup next week. But in the meantime her doctor, as well as me, has also been on to the Royal Voluntary Service about its home meals service. They have agreed to give her a few hot meals and she already has 2 days out on lunch clubs, so she no longer needs my services. She did not seem to understand the service and asked me if I wanted any money for it! I have been offered another match but decided I am not really willing to cook for a non-veggie because I feel they will always consider my meals second best. I would really rather cook for someone who understands and appreciates vegetarian food. 


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