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Ordering in a vegan Christmas

Posted by Ollie on 25/11/21 in Recipes

Catering for vegetarians and vegans (veg*ns) doesn’t need to be hard work this Christmas. Make this one easy and satisfying for all your veg*n residents. Check your wholesalers to see what festive delights they have available. Here’s a snapshot from several popular wholesalers, as well as our favourite recipes if you are cooking from scratch this year. There’s plenty of choice for party food bits, showstopping centre pieces, puddings and of course not forgetting the accompaniments such as vegan cream and ice cream.


Bidfood is offering a Vegan Wellington Slice that is sure to make an excellent centrepiece for any vegan Christmas dinner. It is pre-cut, filled with butternut, carrot, sweet potato, vegan feta and walnut with a smoky red pepper and redcurrant chutney and it only takes 4 minutes to cook! It may even prove to be an all-around pleaser for non-vegans too.

For finger foods try its vegan sausage rolls. They’re a tasty, seasoned plant–based sausage, wrapped in flaky puff pastry – delicious for the buffet!

Here are its top 5 products this Christmas.


For a tasty Christmas centrepiece why not try its Moroccan Style Cauliflower Roulade filled with a chickpea and red pepper chutney?

For Christmas treats, Brakes has lots of vegan desserts this year. It has all manner of vegan cookies, muffins, biscuits and cakes. Try its indulgent Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Truffle Brownie Torte, or for something a little different how about its own vegan Jaffa Cake?

Brakes Vegetable Dim Sum would make the perfect starter or addition to a Boxing Day buffet too.

Thomas Ridley

Thomas Ridley also has some great pudding options including this vegan friendly Christmas pudding, perfect with some vegan cream.

Lots of tasty options for the perfect vegan friendly buffet including mini BBQ jackfruit potato skins.

For a different main why not order in this Cajun Sweet Potato Roulade filled with vegan cream cheese? With individual, frozen portions, perfect if you’re catering for just 1 or 2 vegan residents.

And if you’re making things from scratch, be sure to look at the seasonal recipes on our website. Firm favourites among our chefs include nut loaves such as this one.

We also have easy to make, yet superb recipes such as this chestnut roast as well as delicious, simple desserts.

And don’t forget the mince pies! We have recipes for vegan mince pies including a healthier version. If you want something a little different, but still full of Christmas flavour, try these easy to make mincemeat muffins. We bake them every year at Vegetarian for Life.

Whether you’re cooking from scratch this Christmas or making use of the fantastic vegan options from your wholesaler, make sure that your vegan residents aren’t an afterthought. Plan ahead and don’t forget about all the extras. It’s not just the Christmas meal that’s important: mince pies, buffet foods, Christmas chocolates and festive tipples are all part of what makes Christmas special. With a little thought and research your vegan residents don’t need to feel they’re missing out.

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