Recommended vegan recipe books

Posted by Ollie on 08/11/18 in Articles

V for Life's Roving Chef, Ollie, sees food as a form of art. His top cookbook recommendations make fantastic Christmas presents and kitchen essentials. Tried and tested, by a top vegan chef!

Ollie participating in the Nuts Challenge, fundraising for V for Life.

Power Vegan Meals, Maya Sozer
I love calisthenics and hitting the gym but, like lots of people leading an active life, I worry about being able to fuel my body sufficiently on a vegan diet. This book offers great advice and recipes so that you don’t miss vital protein and nutrients while eating plant-based.

Healthy Baking, Jourdan Bourke

I love this book! It's not exclusively vegan, but in it Bourke finds alternatives to processed and refined foods in his recipes and often uses dairy-free options. It’s really inspiring and beautifully presented. The recipes are incredible, delicious and a bit healthier without being too righteous or compromising on flavour.

The Raw Food Detox Diet, Natalia Rose

This book, although aimed at people wishing to adopt a full raw food diet and lifestyle, is packed full of great salad recipes, fresh dressings and flavour combinations. This book brings some simple, quick, no-cook ideas to your fingertips.

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